Text editors

Nima Hejazi

2 minute read

As part of the series of posts on computational tools that I have grown to love (“How to Love a Tool…”), here, I am going to talk about the Atom text editor, developed rather recently by GitHub. Unlike the other text editor I discussed in this series of blog posts - the awesome and minimal Neovim - Atom is designed to be “a hackable text editor for the 21st Century,” built mostly on web-based technologies (e.

Nima Hejazi

4 minute read

Recently, I decided to look for new tools to improve my work efficiency, and very early in the endeavor to find new and better tools, I came across the fairly recent Neovim project. The aim of Neovim is to accomplish a full re-factoring of the source code of Vim, one of the oldest and most popular extensible text editors; this is sort of a big deal because Vim has historically been maintained only by its creator Bram Moolenaar, and not every change made to Vim has been done in a forward-thinking manner.