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Disclaimer: At no time and under no circumstances are any ideas expressed on this blog necessarily endorsed by or representative of any organization with which I am affiliated.

This blog is dedicated to exploring statistics, science, software, and their myriad interactions in our modern world, as construed loosely by me, Nima Hejazi. The scope is necessarily broad – hopefully, ideas from causal inference, nonparametrics, semiparametric theory, high-dimensional statistics, machine learning, statistical information theory, statistical computing and data science, and computational biology will all be explored – with the variety of topics necessarily explored to varying degrees of depth. The central goal of each post will be to explore the relationship between a statistical issue and how that issue may impact science and policy. On occasion, posts that diverge from the topics above appear.

Trivialities: Though it emerged rather whimsically, the name of this blog merits some explanation – that is, the term “almost surely” recalls almost sure convergence, which first captured my attention when I was introduced to theoretical statistics. The choice of title now seems rather fitting.

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